SANA Zuborabo morning wipe lotion sheet (35 pieces)


[Description]A moist type of wiping lotion sheet that cleanses, tones, and exfoliates with just wiping.The rich sheet is specially designed to provide a rich moisturizing effect.The sheet is rich in...

Tough Grip Denture Stabilizer (Full/Partial Dentures) No Additives


[Description]Additive-free*.Denture stabilizer that does not alter the taste of food.For full or partial dentures.Stick-on type.Can also be used for metal dentures.[How to use](1) Apply an appropriate amount in several places...

New Polygrip Extra Fine Nozzle Partial/Full Denture Stabilizer Menthol/no dye & fragrance added/sweet mint flavor


[Description]Wash dentures well and remove water completely. Dispense about 0.5~3cm of the total amount from the tube in 2~3 places at appropriate intervals. Try a small amount at first to...

New Polygrip (no dye & fragrance added) partial/complete denture stabilizer 75g


[Description]A stabilizer for dentures that is dye- and fragrance-free, so it does not change the taste or aroma of food. The cream type has a strong adhesive property and holds...

Kao Laurier active guard shorts deodorant type L size 1 piece


[Product Description]Deodorizes and clears the smell of menstrual blood and sweat.Clears the smell of menstrual blood that has been secretly bothering you with the power of ions.Deodorant fibers are used.--Deodorant...

Nichiban Neovan Japanese Paper Adhesive Plaster 10mm x 10m


[Product Details]This paper tape is suitable for gauze stoppers and other medical aids.--Easy to cut by hand and easy to use.--Easy to use and economical

Nichiban WhiteTape Medical Aid Tape 25mmX9m


[Product Details]This tape is made of a flexible non-woven fabric coated with an adhesive that minimizes skin irritation and is suitable for fixing non-fat cotton, gauze, bandages, and sippings.

Nichiban WhiteTape Medical Aid Tape 12mmX9m


[Product Details]This tape is made of a flexible non-woven fabric coated with an adhesive that minimizes skin irritation and is suitable for fixing non-fat cotton, gauze, bandages, and sippings.

Nichiban Shea Tape Waterproof Adhesive Bandage 15mm x 4m


[Product Details]This waterproof adhesive bandage is useful for protecting the fingertips of those who often work in water.--Water-resistant and stretchable--Easy to apply and hardly noticeable

Nichiban cloth bandage tape 12MMX5M


[Product Details]This is a Japanese Pharmacopoeia adhesive bandage made of cotton cloth coated with a rubber adhesive.--For protection of gauze, bandage stoppers, fingertips, etc.--Strong base with high retention and fixation...

Nichiban White Cloth Adhesive Plaster for Hospitals 25MM X 5M


[Product Description]Cloth adhesive bandage made of cotton cloth coated with rubber adhesive.--Repair and fixation of fractures and dislocations--Traction of contractures and malpositioned limbs--Fixation of wound gauze--Holding of orthopedic position[Ingredients]The tape...

Nichiban Battlewin finger protector ML size 10 pieces


[Product Details]-Special shape for easy application to finger joints, so it can be quickly and easily applied by one person and fixed neatly.--Does not sweat easily and does not peel...

Nichiban Careleave Healing power Adhesive Plaster waterproof type L size transparent 9 pieces


[Product Details]--Faster and cleaner healing of scratches1. Moist Healing (Wet Therapy)Moist pad made of hydrocolloid material absorbs and retains body fluid, puffs up white, and maintains an optimal moist environment...

Nichiban chapped protective Bandage tape roll type 25mm x 4.5m


[Product Details]--Soft material gently wraps fingertips and joints.--Fits even when bent.--Protects and moisturizes dry skin.--Hard to peel off. Adhesive type without pad.--Urethane non-woven fabric for a perfect fit.--Easy to use.--Easy...

Kao Laurier lingerie foam detergent 80ml


[Product Details]--For menstrual blood stains and discharge stains on underwear.--The foam will break up even the toughest menstrual blood stains that have been there for a long time!--Just push the...

Unicharm Sofy sanitary napkin Fuwagokochi panty liners unscented 38 pieces x 2


[Product Description]--Soft and comfortable on the skin. Panty liner "Fuwagokochi" is soft and comfortable on the skin.--The elastic sheet prevents sagging.--The fluffy material surface sheet is soft and fluffy to...

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