Nichiban Careleave Healing power Adhesive Plaster waterproof type L size transparent 9 pieces

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--Faster and cleaner healing of scratches
1. Moist Healing (Wet Therapy)
Moist pad made of hydrocolloid material absorbs and retains body fluid, puffs up white, and maintains an optimal moist environment for healing the wound. It does not form a scab and promotes the rapid and clean regeneration of new skin. 

2. Intensive care for the wound
Hydrocolloid is used only in the padded area. It does not stress the healthy skin outside of the wound, keeps the wound moist, reduces pain, and comfortably protects the wound.
--Water-resistant hypoallergenic adhesive
Uses a proprietary hypoallergenic adhesive. It is gentle to the skin and does not peel off easily.
--Waterproof film
Uses a 0.03mm-thin, transparent, specially processed film. It is inconspicuous, natural, and impervious to water.
Promotes healing, reduces pain, maintains a moist environment, and protects minor burns and wounds such as cuts, grazes, puncture wounds, scratches, chapped skin, chapped skin, and shoe sores.

[How to use]
--Before applying
Wash the wound well with tap water and wipe it dry with a clean tissue paper or towel before use.
(Do not use disinfectants, ointments, creams, etc. in combination with this product.)

--How to apply
1. Peel off only the peeling paper in the center of the product.
2.Place the pad on the wound.
3.Peel off the rest of the peeling paper and apply the tape without stretching it.
4.To make the pad waterproof, press firmly around the pad and the crease to make sure it adheres well.
After a short time of application, the pad will absorb and retain the fluid that comes out of the wound (leachate), and the area will become gelatinized and swell up white. As the wound heals, the secretion of fluid (leachate) will decrease. Therefore, the white bulge will become smaller each time the pad is reapplied.

--While the product is being applied, the wound should be observed at least once every two to three days to make sure there are no symptoms that indicate infection. After observation, use a new product. However, if symptoms of infection are observed, discontinue use immediately and consult a physician.
--The pad of this product is adhesive and puffs up white when it absorbs leachate. Depending on the amount absorbed, the surface of the pad may be bumpy or not swell white. The pad may also have blackish grains or foamy white spots (irregularities), but these are derived from the ingredients and are not a quality problem.

--When peeling off and reapplying
When peeling off, peel off slowly along the flow of body hair to avoid damaging the skin.
Check for pus-like discharge when peeling off. Pus should be pale yellow, sticky and smelly. If pus-like discharge is observed, discontinue use of the product and seek medical advice. However, if the product is clear and odorless and gelatinous, it has absorbed fluid from the wound, and should be rinsed off with tap water.
To prevent damage to the wound, the pad may remain on the wound when peeling it off. If the pad remains on the wound, remove it while rinsing with hot or cold water.

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