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Ito Chinese medicine for 30 Days like a Tengu Tonkat Ali / Maca / Kanka


[Description]The Tengu legend lives on in long, deep, and diverse forms. This product contains 20 ingredients that are as diverse as the Tengu. For a healthy lifestyle that you want...

Ito Kanpo Pharmaceutical Pure Horse Oil 100% Skin Oil 70ml Whole Body Unscented


[Description]Moisturizing horse oil (skin care). It is non-sticky and quickly absorbed into the skin.[How to use]Apply a small amount to damp skin morning and evening after cleansing or bathing.If your...

ITOH 100% Barley Young Leaves AOJIRU Powder 100g


[Product Description]This product use 100% young barley leaves grown in nutritious soil. Now popular in America and Europe, it has many advantages such as being easy and convenient to consume...

ITOH 60 Even if you eat thick oil, Diet / Oolong tea flavor / Diet support 60 tablets


[Description]I love fried foods and other rich foods!This diet supplement supports those who love fried foods but feel guilty about it.Contains "Lipismart" which approaches lipids.Take 3 capsules a day with...

Itoh Approaches Diet sugar even if you eat carbohydrates 120 tablets 30 times


[Description]The world is full of delicious foods like rice, bread, and noodles! This supplement supports the desire to lose weight even if your diet is mainly carbohydrates. Contains 400 mg...

ITOH Blueberry Lutein Plus for about 20 days


[Description]Contains three comforting ingredients to support a comfortable eye life. Blueberry] The blue-purple natural pigment ingredient "anthocyanin" is attracting attention as a new habit in the age of computers and...

ITOH Chinese Medicine Vitamin C 1200 (60 bags) for 60 days


[Details] Vitamin C, which is easily consumed in our daily lives, cannot be produced by the body, so it needs to be actively supplemented. It is also deeply involved in...

ITOH DHA1000 20 Days 120 Soft Capsule


[Product Description]DHA1000 is a dietary supplement that contains DHA and EPA omega-3 fatty acids for improved cognitive function and reduced neutral fat. It is recommended for healthy individuals between the...

ITOH kampo Medicine Blueberry Lutein Plus 44 Days Supplement


[Details] Contains 250mg of Blueberry extract (from Nordic Bilberry), 6mg of Lutein and 600µg of Vitamin A (per day). Recommended for people who use their computers and smartphones frequently. A...

ITOH Kampo Pharmaceutical High Concentration Autumn Turmeric Extract Granules / 60 days 300 tablets


[Details] Contains the equivalent of 3,284mg of Autumn Turmeric powder (dry powder equivalent) per day. For daily health maintenance.Contains the equivalent of 3,284mg of Autumn Turmeric powder (dry powder equivalent)...

ITOH KUROGENPICHA Diet Tea Slim Beauty 8g × 33p


[Product Description]Based on black tea (pu-erh tea) and oolong tea, 12 kinds of healthy ingredients such as black soybeans and black barley are blended luxuriously.With 0 kcal, this diet tea...

ITOH Naishi Down 60 tablets 30 days (visceral fat, subcutaneous fat) Diet support


[Product Description]Introducing the Black Ginger-derived Polymethoxyflavone supplement that has been reported to help reduce belly fat (visceral and subcutaneous fat). This is recommended for those who are slightly overweight or...

ITOH Oyster Turmeric + Ornithine Value 66 Days 264 Tablets


[Product introduction]ITOH's "Oyster with freshwater clam Turmeric + ornithine" contains "Ucon" with the blessings of the earth and "Abalone and Shijimi" with the blessings of the ocean, plus three nourishing...

ITOH Oyster turmeric liver extract with clams / 120 tablets for 20 days


[Introduction]Contains 600mg of "liver extract," a popular soothing ingredient, per 6 capsules per day! In addition, the well-known ingredients "ornithine," "turmeric," and "oyster extract" are luxuriously blended. It supports the...

Itoh Ripe Suya Night Plus Warm 60 Tablets (20 Days) Sleep Supplement GABA


[Description]-This is a double functional food with a focus on sleep and blood flow.-This supplement contains "GABA", which improves the quality of sleep, and "monoglucosyl hesperidin", which improves blood flow...

ITOH Softshell Turtle Power Ball 30 days supply 120 tablets


[Product Description]The ITOH Softshell Turtle Power Ball is a high-quality animal-based supplement that comes in a 30-day supply of 120 tablets. Each tablet contains 600mg of pulverized whole softshell turtle,...

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