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Itoen 150g powdered green tea with powdered green tea


[Product Description]Powdered tea blended with matcha.Because the tea leaves are fine, the tea is dark green and rich in catechins and other green tea constituents.The taste and color of the...

Itoen Fragrant barley tea Domestic premium tea bag 7g x 24 bags


[Product Description]Aromatic barley tea with a rich flavor made with the utmost care and attention to detail.--The blend of three different types of barley has created a luxurious taste with...

Itoen Fragrant green tea green tea bag 2.0g x 40 bags


[Product Description]Enjoy the aromatic taste of tea at any time of the day.The tea leaves were selected for their excellent taste and aroma, using 100% contract-grown ingredients.This is a tea...

Itoen Hellseal Rooibos Tea Bag 3g x 30 Bags


[Description]100% rooibos tea leaves produced exclusively in the Sedalberg Mountains of South Africa.It has a refreshingly cool and crisp aftertaste that goes well with strong meals.Zero caffeine, safe for men...

Itoen home size green tea 150g


[Product Description]New post-firing finish for even better tasteAromatic and mild taste100% domestic tea leaves[Ingredients]Japanese tea leaves[How to use]Please consume as soon as possible after opening. Formulation Leaf tea

Itoen Jasmine tea tea bag 30 bags


[Product Description]This jasmine tea bag has an enhanced fresh floral aroma.The non-woven tea bags have excellent extractability and can be easily made with water or in a teapot. The fresh...

ITOEN OI Ocha Green Tea Powder Matcha blend 40g(about 50 serves) Japan


[Details] Uses 100% Japanese tea leaves. You can easily enjoy the authentic taste of Kyusu. A new natural fresh manufacturing method with excellent freshness retention and a unique spray-drying manufacturing...

Itoen Oi Ocha Green Tea with Matcha Sencha 100g


[Product Description]This green tea has the bright green hue and sweetness of matcha.This bright green tea is made by adding matcha (powdered green tea) to green tea that is mainly...

Itoen Oi Ocha Green Tea with Smooth Matcha 80g


[ Product Description]100% domestic tea leavesColorful, aromatic, and full of flavorConvenient for your own bottleInstantly dissolves in water or hot water!--Instant green tea that dissolves instantly by simply pouring hot...

Itoen Oi Ocha Premium Tea Bag Assorted 60 Bags


[Product Description]An assortment of premium tea bags that are selling wellEasy to take out with display bogusIdeal for business use demand such as business hotels and officesUses environmentally friendly vegetable...

ITOEN Oi Ocha Premium Tea Bag Genmaicha with Uji Matcha 2.3g x 20 bags


[Introduction]Fragrant Uji matcha brown rice tea bags made with toasted domestic non-glutinous rice. You can easily enjoy the taste of teapotMade with 100% domestic tea leaves.Uses a triangular nylon bag....

Itoen Oi Ocha Premium Tea Bag Genmaicha with Uji Matcha 2.3g x 50 bags


[Product Description]Genmaicha tea bags with fragrant Uji green tea made from roasted Japanese Uruchi rice. You can easily enjoy the taste of teapot tea.Made from 100% domestic tea leaves.Triangular nylon...

Itoen Oi Ocha Premium Tea Bag Green Tea with Uji Matcha 1.8g x 20 Bags


[Product Description]This tea bag product is a refreshing "aromatic green tea" with matcha added in a luxurious taste. You can easily enjoy the taste of teapot-style tea!Made from 100% domestic...

Itoen Oi Ocha Premium Tea Bag Hojicha with first tea 1.8g x 20 bags


[Product Description]This hojicha tea bag is a blend of richly flavored Ichibancha (first-grade green tea), which has a sweet and refreshing taste. You can easily enjoy the taste of teapot...

Itoen Oi Ocha Sarasara Roasted Tea 80g (zipper bag type)


[Product Description]This instant hojicha is made from richly flavored first-grade tea leaves and roasted over an open flame to bring out its aroma.Instant hojicha, made from 100% domestically produced tea...

Itoen Oi Ocha smooth green tea with matcha stick type 0.8g x 100 sticks


[Product Description]100% domestic tea leaves are used.You can easily enjoy the authentic taste of teapot brewed tea.The taste is instantly locked in with a new natural fresh manufacturing method that...

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