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Genuine POLA Wrinkle Shot Medical Serum 20g Anti-Aging Cream


Product Description]Wrinkle Shot Medical Serum is a wrinkle improvement cosmetic, formulated with a pharmaceutical effective ingredient to promote wrinkle improvement. It precisely captures the cause of wrinkles and penetrates deep...

POLA ACTIVEST Double Calcium & Glucosamine 120 capsules


[Description]Stay active and youthful.For those who want to live a supple and comfortable life.Contains two types of calcium: fossilized coral calcium from Yonaguni Island and seaweed calcium. Supplements the calcium...

POLA Alleu Cleansing Cream 120g


[Description]Melting cleansing that smoothly removes make-upCleansing cream that spreads like melting and smoothly removes makeup. It leaves the skin supple and soft while refreshingly removing make-up.Floral woody scentHypoallergenic (Patch tested...

POLA Allure Wash 120g


[Description]Creamy wash that cleanses smoothlyCreamy and smooth foaming facial cleanser. It rinses off dirt and grime while leaving the skin smooth and soft.Floral woody scentHypoallergenic (Patch tested on sensitive skin....

POLA B.A Basic Set


[Description]This special set allows you to try out POLA's top brand, B.A.'s basic care line.ContentsB.A Cleansing Cream 20gB.A Wash 20gB.A Lotion 20mLB.A Milk 15mL[Ingredients][Wash] Water, BG, Ethanol, Ethanol Ethanol, Glycerin,...

POLA B.A Cleansing Cream 130g


[Description]The dense cream softly loosens on the skin and transforms into a rich, high-quality oil.This cleansing cream leads to glowing, smooth skin.[How to use]Apply an appropriate amount (about 1 cherry)...

POLA B.A Eye-Zone Cream 26g (Anti Aging Skin Care)


[Details] B.A's eye zone cream with a dense, rich cream that adheres to the eye area, aiming for a lively eye area with a moisturizing firmness. ・floral woody scent [Ingredients]...

POLA B.A Grand Luxe III 50g [Skin Care Essence]


[Description]A new dimension of brain science-inspired skincare focusing on the relationship between curiosity and skin. POLA's leading moisturizing ingredients in one bottle.Focusing on the cycle of the message substances brought...

POLA B.A Light Selector Sunscreen 45g SPF50 + / PA ++++


[Introduction]The industry's first focus on the existence of "red light," which is good for the skin, in sunlight, which has been considered a factor in skin aging.This new concept daytime...

POLA B.A Lotion 120g


[Description]Original complex moisturizing ingredients for life-like firm skin. The fragrance is gorgeous and relaxing. The fragrance is gorgeous and relaxing, making the time you spend caring for your skin time...

POLA B.A Lotion Immers Skin Care Lotion 120ml


[Description]Formulation that combines stratum corneum damage protection and penetration into stratum corneum poresSmoothing Immersion LiquidA new formula that protects the stratum corneum from perspiration glycation and forms a water-retaining veil...

POLA B.A Milk 80g / skin care emulsion


[Description]Contains POLA's original complex moisturizing ingredients for firm skin that looks full of life. A new formulation of "senin koku rosma," a composite ingredient of senin koku seed extract and...

POLA B.A Tablet 180 capsules


[Description]BA Tablets is a series of tablets that bring out the beauty of the whole body from within.While maintaining the same features as before, the latest research has newly discovered...

POLA B.A tablet 60 tablets Refill 30 days Beauty Supplement


[Product Description]Pola Original Complex Component “Ch-A Extract” and other attention-grabbing ingredients are formulated to support beauty from within the body. Ch-A Extract contains polyphenols that were discovered by B.A Research...

POLA B.A Wash (Face Wash Foam) 100g


[Description]This product cleanses the skin with a sticky, dense lather that seems to absorb into the skin, leaving it moist and soft.[How to use]Wet your face. Apply an appropriate amount...

POLA Beauty Style Mega Cut 90 Packets


[Description]If you want to eat healthy and be beautiful.Focus on absorption from the diet. For those who are concerned about sugar and fat.This diet health food contains POLA's original ingredient...

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