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ORIHIRO Cheerful Declaration Oyster/Turmeric/Shijimi Clam/ Garlic 60 Days


[Product Description]Introducing a high-quality supplement made with carefully selected oysters from the Seto Inland Sea. This supplement also contains clams, turmeric, garlic, amino acids, zinc, selenium, and other essential nutrients...

Orihiro Ukon Turmeric Tea 1.5g*48 Packs


[Product Description]"Orihiro Ukon Tea 1.5g*48 Pack" is a turmeric tea made with autumn turmeric, which contains curcumin. Turmeric is a perennial herb in the ginger family that is native to...

ORIHIRO Turmeric Extract 520 Tablet for 43-65 Days Supplement Japan


[Details]Cheers to good health!Contains 2000 mg of autumn turmeric and 20 mg of curcuminoids. [How to use]8-12 capsules per day[Ingredients]Autumn turmeric extract

HOUSE UKON NO CHIKARA Granules Hangover Medicine Turmeric Supplement 1.5g x 30


[Details] [Ingredients] ※We are using automatic translation for items. Please contact us if you cannot understand something.

DHC concentrated turmeric / 90 days


[Description]A blend of three types of turmeric: autumn turmeric rich in the characteristic ingredient curcumin, spring turmeric rich in essential oil ingredients, and purple turmeric, concentrated and blended 110 times.Two...

Noguchi Liver Extract & Turmeric 90 Capsules For 30 days


[Product Description]This supplement is perfect for party-lovers who want to enjoy a drink without sacrificing their health. It contains 100mg of liver extract and 40mg of curcumin extracted from healthy...

ITOH Oyster turmeric liver extract with clams / 120 tablets for 20 days


[Introduction]Contains 600mg of "liver extract," a popular soothing ingredient, per 6 capsules per day! In addition, the well-known ingredients "ornithine," "turmeric," and "oyster extract" are luxuriously blended. It supports the...

Okinawa Ryukyu dynasty red turmeric 300 grains


[Products]Red turmeric contains an extremely high amount of curcumin and is a rare type of turmeric that is only grown in a very small portion of Okinawa. Red turmeric belongs...

ORIHIRO Okinawa 3 kinds of Turmeric Grain Supplement 30 Days


[Product Description]This product is a health supplement made from a blend of three types of turmeric: autumn turmeric, spring turmeric, and purple turmeric. The total amount of turmeric blended in...

Turmeric revolution EX 10 days (10 bags) [FANCL turmeric supplements cystine]


[Details] [Ingredients] ※We are using automatic translation for items. Please contact us if you cannot understand something.

ORIHIRO liver extract with shijimi clam oyster turmeric 120 tablets 60 days


[Details] [Ingredients] ※We are using automatic translation for items. Please contact us if you cannot understand something.

Meiji Health Kirari 3 types of mixed turmeric 240 grains


[Description]Turmeric commonly used today includes fall, spring, and purple turmeric. Autumn turmeric, which is also used as a spice in curry, contains high levels of curcumin, while spring and purple...

Meiji Health Kirari Autumn Turmeric 60 grains


[Description]This product contains turmeric extract with 95% curcumin content as the main ingredient, plus turmeric powder. This product is recommended not only for daily health care, but also for those...

Yamamoto Kampo Pharmaceutical Turmeric tea 100% 3g x 20 packages


[Product Details]It is a turmeric tea that uses 100% turmeric as a raw material and can be drunk deliciously whether it is boiled or cold. Easy-to-drink tea bag type.[component]100% turmeric[How...

Meiji Pharmaceutical Health Kirari liver extract + turmeric 60 Tablets


[Introduction]Turmeric extract and black turmeric are added to "liver extract" extracted from healthy pigs raised in Japan. Recommended for those who like parties.[component]Pig liver extract (manufactured in Japan), black turmeric...

Sanko Seika Cheese Almond Mustard Flavor Senbei 15 Pieces


[Introduction]Lightly baked soy sauce crackers with a crunchy texture, topped with wasabi cheese and almonds. The rich and addictive flavor of wasabi powder from Azumino in Nagano Prefecture is perfect...

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