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ORIHIRO 85 kinds of plant enzyme KOMBUCHA 500mg Supplement 90 capsules


[Description]Contains 85 kinds of plant materials: 100mg of plant fermentation extract powder (in a daily dosage)A total of 85 kinds of plants (64 kinds of wild plants, 10 kinds of...

ORIHIRO Active Protein HMB 300g WHEY / SOY Hybrid type Coffee Flavor


[Product Description]This is a hybrid protein supplement that contains both soy and whey protein. It is formulated with easy-to-drink flavors and also includes a high amount of HMB, which is...

ORIHIRO Aged bottle brewed Vinegar Supplement 216 capsules for 54 Days


[Product Description]This product is made from concentrated extract of Koji Vinegar from Luliang, Yunnan Province, China and presented in easy-to-consume soft capsules. It is different from the usual vinegar in...

ORIHIRO Amino Body (Soy Peptide) Supplement for 25 Days


[Product Description]Amino Body is a dietary supplement containing approximately 2000 mg of amino acids. It contains 20 different types of amino acids, including the nine essential amino acids. It is...

orihiro aminobody diet granules 90g


[Details] It is said that soy peptide, which contains 20 kinds of amino acids in good balance, is a material that should be taken actively when dieting. Amino Body Diet...

ORIHIRO Arginine 1000 + Zinc Supplement 120 Capsules (30 days)


[Product Description]This product contains a high-potency blend of nutrients to give your daily vitality a boost. It includes 1000mg of Arginine, 14mg of Zinc (according to the daily recommended dosage),...

Orihiro Astaxanthin 30 tablets for 30 days


[Product Description]This product contains Astaxanthin, a natural pigment found in salmon and ikura, which is a type of carotenoid with powerful antioxidant properties. It is said to be up to...

ORIHIRO Autumn Turmeric Powder 100% /Curcumin Supplement 150g


[Product Description]This product is a 100% Autumn Turmeric powder food. Turmeric contains the pigment curcumin and is gaining attention as a health food for those who are concerned about drinking...

ORIHIRO Black Ginger Salacia 30 tablets


[Product Introduction]Contains two functional ingredients: polymethoxyflavone from black ginger and salacinol from salacia.[Ingredients]Black ginger extract (black ginger extract, dextrin) (manufactured in Japan), reduced maltose syrup, salacia extract, dextrin/hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, cyclodextrin,...

ORIHIRO Blueberry Soft Grain Lutein 120 Capsules Supplement


[Details] Contains bilberry-derived anthocyanins, which reduce eye fatigue, and lutein, which increases eye macular pigment, as functional ingredients. Two functional displays are made with two materials. [Ingredients] Blueberry (derived from...

ORIHIRO Brown Rice Black Vinegar capsule Supplement for 30 days Japan


[Details] [Ingredients] ※We are using automatic translation for items. Please contact us if you cannot understand something.

ORIHIRO Cheerful Declaration Oyster/Turmeric/Shijimi Clam/ Garlic 60 Days


[Product Description]Introducing a high-quality supplement made with carefully selected oysters from the Seto Inland Sea. This supplement also contains clams, turmeric, garlic, amino acids, zinc, selenium, and other essential nutrients...

Orihiro chewable supplement Iron 120 tablets mix berry flavor


[Product Description]This product contains 10mg of iron, equivalent to 100 prunes, in each serving of 4 tablets. It added juice to create a delicious chewable tablet that is easy to...

Orihiro Chewable Supplement, Calcium 150 tablets


[Product Description]Get your daily dose of calcium with this delicious and convenient supplement! With just 5 tablets a day, you can easily supplement your body with 350mg of calcium, equivalent...

ORIHIRO Chewable Vitamin Multivitamin For 90 days


[Product Description]"Orihiro Chewable Vitamin Multivitamin" is a food with nutrient function claims containing 13 kinds of vitamins. It is a chewable type that can be eaten deliciously, and contains vitamin...

ORIHIRO Chlorella 100(with cell wall crushed chlorella)1550 tablets


[Details] [Ingredients] ※We are using automatic translation for items. Please contact us if you cannot understand something.

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